The First Blessing Bag

*DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an attempt to call attention or praise to myself. This is NOT so people will read this and say, “Wow Jordan, you’re such a nice guy.” To God be the Glory. Some of you may remember my post about the blessing bags and how enthusiastic I was to start handing them […]

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I’ve long since told people that there are two instances in which I run- buffets and Chipotle (notice I didn’t mention something chasing me 💪). Bears only run for food. But I’m currently sitting at 223lbs and trying to keep up with my 135lb basketball players, and I’m starting to become a little chunky munky. […]

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Speak the Truth in Love

I notice that people tend to get an awful lot of credit for being the tell-it-like-it-is “personality type.” Nowadays, we’ve even got a presidential candidate running off of this premise. Bluntness and pulling no punches are praised and reveled in, probably stemming from the subconscious notion that it makes a person more “real.” When I […]

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I Will Never Call Myself Humble

Pride. Humbleness. I believe that these two trigger words make us uneasy and I believe that they share the same cancerous root in context. Recently I’ve seen and heard quite a few people boasting in their humility, and it always seems to leave me scratching my head. I see Instagram posts and captions saying things to […]

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New Guitar Day!

Told you guys I had a bad case of GAS… Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I promise I didn’t make this up. It’s the musician’s deep seated hnnnnnnggggggg for tasty new equipment that will bring them closer to god Jimmy Hendrix. For the first time maybe ever, my GAS had an acoustic odor to it. This is […]

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8 Goals for 2016

2015 is OVER. I told you in the last post that my wife’s obsession with Charm King taught me the value of rest and started my internal search for New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never done them before because I believe that if you’re truly serious about change, you’ll start it at that moment. But what […]

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